Services of ZEST Outsourcing

Temporary Staffing Providing temporary staff service we recruit, employ, screen, train, if necessary, and replace recruited candidates in case of long-term illness or vacation.
From Temporary To Permanent Additional opportunity while selecting candidates for permanent position, to make job offer to the specialist, previously assessed during his/her participation in the temporary staffing project.
Outstaffing Professional employer services. Employment of personnel already recruited by Customer company with subsequent provision of the personnel to the Customer. ZEST Outsourcing assumes all day-to-day employment related issues, including payroll, HR administration, official reporting, etc.
Payroll Function Outsourcing Transfer of payroll function payroll to outsourcing company.
On-site Management Setting up of representation, management and service of the project in the territory of the Customer.
Master vendoring Management of the project through ZEST Outsourcing in which several suppliers take part.
HR Administration Outsourcing Transfer of HR administration function to outsourcing company.